wear strips

Wear Strips

We manufacture polyethylene wear strips for a variety of different industries, using the highest quality materials. Available in several different grades our wear strips greatly reduce friction and wear on vital components and with our C.N.C capabilities we can offer high quality wear strips at competitive prices.

Miscellaneous Parts

A wide variety of machine plastics can be manufactured to suit your requirements from a range of thicknesses and grades of Polyethylene. Our standard stock size materials range from 3mm to 30mm thick material so there will always be a material available to suit your requirements.

miscellaneous parts

Cut Profiled Plastic

Plastic Chute Lining

Manufactured from UHMW PE1000 our plastic chute liners offers excellent material flow and extremely high wear resistance. Our wear plastic chute liners reduce machine downtime caused by material build up in the chute due to the self-lubricating properties of UHMW Polyethylene.

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